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OrchID Floral Arrangements in Culver City, CA

Find a vast selection of different orchids for sale at Orchid Fever, in Culver City, California. We carry a wide assortment of flowers to choose from and can even create custom orchid arrangements. Contact us to request an arrangement for your home or for an upcoming special event.
One of our intact floral arrangements in Culver City, CA


Orchid Fever LA is a high-end orchid nursery that will partner with landscape designers, plant designers & event planners to provide the best quality plants you can find. You can be sure your clients will be more than happy with our beautiful selection for you to choose from in our 10,000 sq. ft. greenhouse.

Call us today or stop in to talk with our knowledgeable staff about how we can help your next landscape design or event even more beautiful than you can imagine.

Floral Arrangements

One of the fastest growing services at Orchid Fever is the creation of floral arrangements using intact plants in bloom rather than cut flowers. Leaving the flowers attached to the plants greatly increases the longevity of these arrangements, as well as incorporates the realism and beauty of the foliage itself. In addition, the plants can be regrown once they have finished blooming.
Orchid in Hanging Container —Orchids in Culver City, CA

Variety of Containers

We offer a wide variety of pots, baskets, and other containers that can be used to create the arrangements. You are welcome to bring in your own containers to be used for planting as well.
Orchid in Container—Orchids in Culver City, CA


The cost of each arrangement is calculated by adding up the plants and materials used, in addition to the labor required to assemble it. Due to the innumerable possible combinations, we cannot create a price structure for arrangements, but can give you a close estimate once the plants and materials have been selected. We can also work backwards when given a specific budget, and provide you with the finest possible arrangement for your money.

24-hour notice is required for all arrangements. Local delivery is available for your convenience.

Orchids on Sale

At Orchid Fever, there are always plants that open up fully before they are sold because of our huge selection. Although most orchids last for weeks—if not months—after they are fully open, we mark these plants down drastically in order to move them quickly.

Caterers and event planners - you can receive twice the number of orchids on sale when the plants are in full for bloom for the same amount of money - perfect for catering and party planning! For the orchid hobbyist who is building a collection of plants, these sale orchids also give the most bang for the buck.
Contact us to learn more about our assortment of orchids as well as our selection of different flowers and succulents.